Monday 16 June 2008

Blog logo comp - results are in

We at the IllogiBlog would like to thank everyone who entered our blog logo competition! All of the entries were great but in the end we had to choose one. Well, we plumped for a (slightly modified version of) Robomilk's entry but we're sure everyone else had fun anyway!

In a special presentation ceremony, Robomilk, pictured right with Hindleyite, was awarded a cup of, erm, milk.
Look out for more competitions in the future, including the fourth Illogic Pickle, next in the pipeline.

1 comment:

  1. AAAAAAj;ba;gbs'gln s!

    I wonz and didn't know,
    For I am old and I am slow,
    So please denunce this fall from grace,
    Omnomnom a tasty plaice