Tuesday 9 June 2009

David Cameron "down wid' da hood": Wikipedia

It seems that these days, not a day goes by in the world of the mass media without some sort of Wikipedia-related "scandal".

The latest of these pseudo-newsworthy incidents seems to be about some politician bloke taking some mild jabs at some other politician or other on their Wikipedia page, it's all very childish.

Aaaand that's what we like! What I like even more is the fact the media are actually bothered with this nonsense. I mean, why Wikipedia and not Illogicopedia? Furthermore, why does everyone in the mainstream press absolutely love Wikipedia? You're missing out on the illogicality, fools!

Back on subject, did you know that if something is printed on Wikipedia, it means it is automatically true? For a few minutes in December 2008, David Cameron was some kind of gangsta rapper, it would seem.

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