Sunday, 28 June 2009

Why, we have a new blogger!

Has IllogiBlog been running slow as of late? Is there a lack of consistent bloggers? Do you think this blog needs more activity? Well for not! Because....


So. Yes. Now that Readmsoon is here all of your problems are solved. Huzzah, and have a good day. Sort of.



T3canolis said...

Yay! OMG! It's so awesome! HAXXORZ FTW!!

Raggle Fraggle King said...

First you steal the same style of name, which starts with a r, has 3 wrds, and is abbreviated in a 3 letter r starting phrase. Now you steal my spot as the newest illogiblogger.

Anonymous said...

epic gay RFK :P

Benno said...

Raggles, raggles, raggles. Need I bring out the scouser?

Chalm down chaalm down!

Hindleyite said...

Belated welcome, RMS. Happy Bloggin's.

Silent Penguin said...

/me multiplies readmesoon by sqrt of 2

badum tish

Nerd42 said...

I thought this was going to be an explanation of why we have a new blogger. Why do we have a new blogger?

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