Thursday 18 June 2009

Welcome, noobs!

And yes, according to those people that make up dictionaries, that is a legitimate word. At least in their insane little brains.

I would like to personally welcome everyone finding Illogicopedia for the first time this month. We seem to have had a massive influx of users of late, and we have certain long-term Illogicopedians to thank for directing them this way. You know who you are and you shall be rewarded in time.

Meanwhile, Jumbly is almost upon us and I still haven't booked my summer holiday. Be sure to secure yours now!

Elsewhere, stuff is happening, like a hi-tech front page revamp. It's received mixed reviews so far, but you shall not argue with the penguin or ye shall be sat upon! In other words, the pop-up CSS front page continues to be trialled. I think it's pretty jazzy but a bit experimental as of yet.

The podcast is on hiatus. Well, I knew this would happen, but other things have got in the way, and besides, we needs more content for it. Send me stuff and Illogicast #2 can be released sometime before Ergust 2020. I'll be blowed if I can think of another gimmick to make up 10-15 mins of the podcast.

Whisper it quietly, but Illogico is rapidly catching Wikipedia.


  1. Dammit, i shouldn't have read the tag. It's like when an old person on a bus looks you dead in the eye and you can no longer pretend you didn't see/hear their need for your seat (presumably you have your headphones in). Right, a comment. I personally like the new main page, it's growing on me. Much in the same manner as the pancreatic tumour that's set to raze through my bowels this summer. Also, Hindleyite, what kind of material would you need for the blog, I'm hopefully inspirationless.. right. Now off to decimate dad at pool. Toodles

  2. Sorry about not having something for the podcast. The OMG Scary Alien probably won't have a part. Sorry for wasting your time.

  3. Nah, you never wasted my time, T3. You don't have to apologise for not doing anything... nobody else does ;)