Wednesday 18 November 2009

Camel evolves long enough neck to give itself obcene oral pleasure

That's right kids! This is no longer a rated PG blog.

We're putting the banana back into Illogicopedia! And in the most graphic porn-involving way possible >;-)

Actually we're not. Since everyone stopped editing recently there's been no point starting an ethics fueled debate on decency. Not even on the blog. And that's really, how you can tell things are bad, because blogs are ghaye!


So basically get back on the site and start editing and stuff, I'll try and keep things going and write articles and stuff, but without your input .. I'll probably just get bored and switch over onto another tab more in line with my other worldy inter-cests.

Yes, I should. So edit dammit!

Sir Reginald Wincest, signing out..