Wednesday 4 November 2009

A phrase which here means

Oh, man. I haven't looked at this article in like ... forever. Not since I wrote it back in 2007. And you guys have really made it awesome. On reading it, I literally laughed out loud.

Seriously, I did.

I thought nobody'd give it a second glance - it was just my lame attempt to turn the "A word which here means" reference from Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler uses the phrase in his books ALOT) into an instance of self-referential humor, but then I realized that it wasn't really a word, it was a phrase, so I dropped "word" and added "phrase." But on losing the Snicket reference, the article seemed sad and irrelevant, so I dropped it and went on to other ideas, but it has apparently grown into a mature level of awesomeness by the excellent contributions of the community. Such developments would never have been possible from a simple stub on certain other wiki projects that delete stubs whose names shall not here or ever be mentioned. They are only possible in an open friendly environment such as we have here.

Hear here! A toast to flying toasters! A few cents into the fountain of nonsequitor, where the currency is Triganic Pu! And a completely misunderstandable time being had by all, in a magical faraway place where the air smells like warm root beer! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ....


(FYI, I'm thinking of writing a series of "Toast to Illogicopedia" blog posts up to the end of the year, just mentioning awesome things that have happened. I might keep writing it, might not, we'll see how it goes)

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  1. oh my god, this really sounds howard moon from mighty boosh XD