Thursday 11 February 2010

Stuff to do whilst waiting for the servers to recover

[Obligatory LOLcat included]

Well, um, I would have used this opportunity to talk about how Illogicopedia is going from strength to strength and experiencing a particularly good period of activity, but server problems have put paid to all that.

Yes, the moles pressing the buttons have gone on holiday to Barbados or something, and we're left with Roberto and his error screens for the time being.

As a result, nothing much is going on in the world of Illogico, hence the lack of proper updates to this blog in recent times, and the absence of any real content in this post. However, do not fret, for there are plenty of things you can be doing whilst waiting for the servers to recover, namely...
  • Doing homework and/or coursework LEFT HANDED and telling the teacher you suffer from alien hand syndrome
  • Carving banana shapes out of potatoes, eating them and claiming they're one of your five a day
  • Leaving inane and childish comments on YouTube, making a video off the back of the subsequent fame and make millions from the Partner program
  • Seeing how quick you can make your character die in Spiderman for the Atari (do it before the music ends for extra points)
  • Go through your entire VHS collection and note down every occasion the word 'existentialism' appears
That lot should waste a good ten minutes, which covers the time you'd normally spend on Illogico flaming newbies. I may be back with more stuff to tide you over until Illogico reboots, but until then, enjoy this video, which goes a long way to explaining why Britain is in such bad economic shape.

Yeah, I know. It's one of my pants YouTube mashups from ages ago. Forgive the suckage.

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  1. Excellent ideas on other stuff to do ... but maybe we need a post on dealing with Illogicopedia withdraw symptoms. What symptoms have people been experiencing and how are they dealing with them??