Thursday 25 February 2010

Illogicopedia in the Internet Blogosphere

I have to admit, I expected Illogicopedia to have fulfilled its plans for World Domination at this point. After more than three years on the road, only a brief mention in a mainstream newspaper blog column and an insignificant post at have come close to even recognising Illogicopedia as slightly notable [citation needed].

Still, the site is at the very least causing some rumbles in the underground niche market with its general nonsensity (is that even a word? It is now) and silliness. Reactions, both positive and negative, are recorded in the vast expanse known as the Internet Blogosphere (pictured right), i.e. the place where anyone can poke holes in the notability of the Illogicopedia to their heart's content.

Now, I have no idea if any of these guys have an account at Illogico, but at least they've visited and perhaps raised a slight smirk at some of the better articles on the wiki. Maybe.

Most recently, a blogger known only as Captain Cook has found Illogicopedia suitably stupid to include links to it in various posts on his blog, The Sturgeon Awards.

Apparently, Illogico is slightly better than some bloke called Fred, but marginally worse than KidConfidence, a video game review site for parents (a cracking idea if ever I heard one - certainly worth checking out if only for its comedy value). Cookie, cheers for acknowledging our sorry asses. We are eternally grapeful.

In October of last year, Nutwood Junction included Illogicopedia in a superb list of parody websites and wikis.

Obviously the writers have seen Illogiblog's own wiki revue (and perhaps even this general interest article written over a year ago) and developed it into their own piece on humour wikis. The article quotes 'Slightly Depressed Rainbows', one of the older (and actually not that bad) pages on Illogico, which was apparently found via Special:Random. There's even a mention for Wickerpedia, which is always worth a visit for a quick laugh.


I can't quite figure out what the point of this list is, but I don't think it's worth spending too much brain power on. Carissa Glarner of the Art Institute Int. for Advertising finds Illogicopedia 'simply entertaining'. I dunno if this is meant as positive or negative, but it's a mention nonetheless.

And, um, that's all I can find right now, so I expect there aren't many more mentions than these. If there are, they would be accessible via Google Search or something. Which they aren't.


  1. To everyone: If you aren't famous on the Internet by now, you must REALLY suck

  2. I didn't say Illogicopedia was worse than KidConfidence, I said it was as stupid as KidConfidence.

    But you guys are the special, somewhat decent kind of stupid.

    And yes, your content is better than Fred's YouTube videos.

    Ah, but enough serious business. WHERE ARE DEM PICKELS

  3. Hey there Captain Cook! Welcome to the Illogiblog. Just to clear up the KidConfidence thing, I was using artistic license
    ... ;)
    Nerd42: Better to have sucked and lost than never to have sucked at all. Wait, that sounded rude...

  4. Also, God I was bored when I wrote this.