Tuesday 25 May 2010

Illogicopedia article on Wikipedia successfuly restored

Wikipedia have finally reinstated their Illogicopedia article after deleting the article about us last year due to the wiki "Not being notable enough". I have been attempting to persuade numerous sysops on the wiki to reinstate the page for a while - and last week I got lucky. This could be a defining day in Illogian history - or not.

Now we are among the ranks of ED (oh god no), Wookiepedia (meh) and AID's in having our own article. Give you's selves a pat on the back, if that's your sort of thing.

Link is here.


  1. I ain't fallin' for this one again. Oh no. Wow, I wonder what happened to Illogic's front page Illogiblog feed?

  2. You'll actually enjoy this rickroll

  3. On Norwegian Wikipedia I made an article about Norwegian Illogicopedia. It hasn't been deleted (yet).


  4. @Cartoonist: Still alive after eleven months. Norwegian people have more of a sense of humour, evidently :)