Tuesday 4 May 2010

Thoughts of the Week, #782 or something

Well, you could say its all quiet on the Western Front for Illogicopedia right now. But I wouldn't seeing as we're not a couple of swaggery blokey cocks discussing their failing sex lives after a Palace game.

It is fair to say however that Illogicopedia, like a stab victim forced to resort to sandpaper for band-aids, definitely IS going through a rough patch.

'Course there has been some activity, usual stuff though. Some articles were created and Hindleyite commented how much like cheese they were, the storm of occasional pink has again infected the recent changes page, and after a long wait we finally had another half-decent vandal. So far so normal. Yawn.

While tentative plans to make Illogicopedia into an invisible global conciousness alive in the hearts of the public do exist, these have been shelved while the admins work on updating their tans in Antarctica, courtesy of Seppy's mum. So for now this blog post, and the Illogiblog's vast fat reserves will have to do. Probably. Stay in school!


  1. Everyone's busy with school. This has been a rough semester

  2. Hopefully it'll pick up, I mean exams will finish at varying intervals over the next two months, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of a userbase as May wears on.