Saturday 8 May 2010

A Week After the Attack : A Reflection

It's been a couple hours less than a week since the vandal attack last week. It was rough. Rembrandt is a vandal-reverting machine officially. I mean, I can ghost shit and he was a hundred reverts faster than me. I don't know what goes through a vandal's head while he's blanking pages. I mean, I've vandalized Wikipedia numerous times but there's a different feeling when your changing things for the sake of comedy than when you're just deleting others' work.

Do you really have that much spare time to just delete delete delete? I find it sad that people can spend their Saturday night wasting it? I mean, he ruined many games of Modern Warfare 2 for me when I could have been pwnin' some noobs in the face but I had to say to my friends, "Damnit, there's a vandal on Illogicopedia, I'm gonna have to stop playing for a while.

So in short; fuck you, vandal. You have no life.