Saturday 8 January 2011

wut i've been up to of late

I've been way too busy to blabble illogiwhoosits for about a year. Which is queer, but not the way you're thinking, you pervert, but strictly in the way the term "queer" is used by Moon People.

I have grown to be more philosophically inclined in the more recent Randomly Indiscriminate Time Period and have been totally gadflying the qualia off all these sophists. Yes, indeedy. And that's not likely to change, whatever Hegel says cause he's barking mad and dead cause Nietzsche totally killed that dude, and found out he was queer in the very exact sense you were thinking, you pervert, cause Marx married him polygamously along with materialism.

ANYWAYS, if ye adventurers forsooth art seeking a tabletop RPG that has no table other than the Interwebs, you might be interested in this comic and this comic and this picture and if you are interested in making those ideas real, you might want to join us for a nice round of Dungeons & Discourse sometime! It could use more peoples.

I can't really be very actively adminning much round here cause of how much other stuff I have going on in my real life but I will try to pop in a bit more often around here and maybe write a little something on occasion. I'm glad to see we're getting more admins and the site, while slow, seems to be doing well. Slowness is OK as far as I'm concerned - it's total deadness that is scary but don't be afraid of mere slowness.

Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!


  1. anonymous says you must put a donk on it

  2. Anonymous thinks anonymous has a dirty mind.