Sunday 30 January 2011

Thoughts of the Week (30 January 2011)

Voting is stupid. The very idea of supporting an argument by any method involving incrementalism is fundamentally flawed and as stupid as post whoring on forums, at least on Illogicopedia. It's like pointless friend collecting on Facebook, or uploading horrible videos reviews to YouTube in an attempt to attract subscribers. Man, is it fun though. Trolling for the win.

And fundamentally, the very purpose of ?pedia is to be illogical, but voting on stuff is a logical way to settle arguments.

Man, I gotta stop listening to David Cameron. I'm going insane, crazier even than when I wrote 'God Save the Cheese'. At this rate, pretty sooon I'll end up like the bloke in the picture there.

Anyway, here's some daft thoughts of the week courtesy the little leprechaun that lives under my bed and brings me lager.
  • Illogicopedia is better than ever. I know I say that every other week, but I really do think we're recovering some of the old magic, ironically through the organised and formal procedure to which we're all so (supposedly) opposed. As usual, though, good old apathy wins out, so we just post a bitter message in the forum and move on as if nowt happened. Which, for the record, it didn't. Back to work, minion!
  • What happened to Carlb? Seppy said he's presumed dead but I reckon he's alive and laying low after a prolonged battle with the seemingly absent Roberto. I imagine their battles to be like out of Family Guy when Peter Griffin fights the giant chicken, so he's probably recuperating in hospital and will re-emerge just hours later completely free of cuts and scars.
  • Apparently, Oreon, the creator of Wallace Intrube is making a mockumentary about the man, due out in March of this year in case you're interested. I know I am. Check this test scene for a taster of the delights to come.

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