Monday 3 January 2011

Move over Ben 10, this is Jeremy 11

Hello! Yes. Thank you. We at the Illogiblog would like to welcome all survivors of 2010 to a brand new year of insanity, nonsense and sheer stupidity. To mark the occasion, here's a guest post from our newest Illogiblogger, Jeremy Farbleum:

My name is Jeremy and I'm the person after which the first month of the year is named, at least on Illogicopedia. As you can imagine, you have to be a pretty awesome person to have a month named in your honour, and that I am. Awesome, that is!

I am eleven years old and have been surfing the web since it started in 2008 so am aware of all internet traditions. You can ask me anything you like and I will give you an answer, though whether it's correct or not is another matter. Only joking! Because I am the best I know absolutely everything and you can quote me on that.

I also know how to squirt milk out of not only my nose but my ears as well! Isn't that cool? Bet that Silent Penguin person can't do that, hahahah! Expect to see me as your newest admin some time soon because I am very good at the Internet. I promise I will not get bored and leave in a month because I love Illogicopedia! Death to Roberto and the Guru and the Hickipedia vandal! Long live Illogia!

Anyway I have to go now because I have school in the morning and don't want to be late. Only joking, I hate school because it is boring. I know! I will go in Illogicopedia when Mr Franks isn't looking! Take that educational institutions!


  1. See this is why I've always been against all the cussing and sex and stuff, cause there are kids around man!