Sunday 27 July 2008

Featured website: Feeling mischievous?

This post goes out to all the budding Dennis the Menaces out there.

A bit of a pranker? Mischiefpedia is just the site for you. It's a directory of general cheekiness including tips on how to fool your friends into thinking the dog can talk and much more.

This will fool anyone who can't resist to pick up a coin.

Example prank... Take any coin and some glue. Go to a sidewalk that alot of people walk on and glue the coin to the sidewalk. Wait. Many victims will fall for your trick, as they try to pick up the coin you have fixed up with some glue.

Another project by one of our users, it's a wiki like Illogicopedia so you can contribute your own pranks and stuff. Unfortunately it wasn't accepted into the Wikia community (a very difficult process, as we can testify) but with your help maybe it could.

So, do stuff!

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