Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Illogicopedia's quest for independence - update

Illogicopedian Peoples' Front flag.

It seems that Illogicopedia's independence is going to be delayed for a while longer whilst cost issues are taken into account. More specifically it's being considered whether the move would be worth the money - after all, we the community will be the ones that have to fund it. Advertising would bring in a negligible amount of cash so it has been decided that is not the way to go.

At a cost of around £125 a year, Illogicopedia's new host would be a lot more expensive than Wikia, which costs 32p. Er, I mean it's free. Illogicopedia, however, will not be free until something is sorted finance-wise.

This is not an appeal, so don't donate your book tokens and Monopoly money. This ain't Wikipedia, you know.

1 comment:

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