Tuesday 8 July 2008


It only seems like yesterday when we were welcoming our new Wikia Overlords, but now Illogicopedia is all set to go independent for the first time in its history. The New Monaco saga was the straw that broke the llama's back and key members of the Illogicopedia community have agreed that the site should go it alone, severing its 1-year long ties with Wikia.

New Monaco has been generally regarded as "not very good" amongst Illogicopedians: Asema refuses to edit until a move is complete, while Silent Penguin reckons a new home will bring him more fish. I mean, er, users.

We anticipate problems and hurdles in the coming month or so and it's going to be hectic. Of course going independent will mean custom skins and no more Google ads (oh yeah). Loading times should be increased and downtime decreased but, best of all, the community will be in charge of any major decisions taken.

As a result of the move we may (or may not) put the pickle judging back a while... we'll get back to you on that.

We'll bring you more news on the move as it happens but we anticipate that, in a week's time, the people of Illogicopedia will be free. To do what they want. Like cook socks in the microwave without Sannse nixing it at the last minute.

Aid Epoc Igolli, fellow Illogians.


  1. Anything that's best for Illogic is good by me. I always knew Wikia would turn antagonist one day.

  2. Testicles here

    Have we found a host/got ourselves a server in the pipeline then?

    I guess this is just another chapter for Illogicopedia:History isn't it.

    Illogic FTW!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Seppy said he was going to sort the hosting on Monday. Don't know if he did or not but he reckoned we could be up and running by the weekend.

  4. Wow, that totally means I don't need to use Wikia anymore (all the sites I use regularly are moving)