Tuesday 29 December 2009

2009: A Year in Retrospective

Ahh, yes; 2009. T3 here, and I'm gonna take you for the ride of your liffffeeee!!! Not really. I'm here to talk about the year that's nearly over. Not 2012! 2009! This year was filled with good times; bad times; so-so times; and a couple server crashings. So let's go!!!!

The beginning of the year was awfully uneventful. Either that or I can't remember what happened. It was a long time ago. Okay, I just checked my articles page and remembered how ridiculously inactive I was from January to April. Two articles from January 1st to April 18th. Yikes. Coincidentally, my biggest epic fail was the article I wrote on the night of April 18th. Actually it was the 17th, because I wrote it at like 10pm but the server time is UTC. Yes, Readmesoon it is the one, the only John Johnson.

Yep. EPIC PHAIL. Even I wanted to kill myself after that one. Wow. The pickle started in late March and I released the worst excuse for a pickle ever, "WHY NOT". Where's the fucking question mark? Jesus Christ what was I THINKING?

*sighs* Now let's skip forward to the summer which was filled with the edit race of Readmesoon and myself to 2000 edits which we both got and so did RFK and RMS and I currently have over 3000 each. This summer was filled with me actually start writing some pretty decent shit considering I was Illogicopedia-ing nonstop because I had nothing else to do. I didn't even shower half the time. I know. Do you see what this site does to you? Also in early June, I was informed that Fonchezzz, one of the greatest writers on Illogicopedia, retired from the site. The outcry wasn't as much as I anticipated but still, his presence is missed. Also in June we got a user named Skate1168 who made his first edit on May 31st and got to 578 edits but made his last on June 28th, less than a month after joining.

So now post-summer. PIPICHY PIPICHY PI-BITCHY! Ahh yes, Pipichy. The biggest pain in the ass ever to grace Illogicopedia; narrowly beating out BobThatHead. The prick got me banned for a day but it was my fault but someone had to speak up. And oh yeah, if I had to go back in time and do it over; I would have insulted him a hell of a lot more. Okay, I'll stop myself from getting banned. All I have to say is, thank God he's gone.

But the beginning of school put Illogicopedia in it's biggest wave of inactivity ever. 3 maybe 4 edits a day. When the edits began to pick up slightly in September; the unthinkable happened. Every single edit from September 7th to 10th was erased. Completely. Gone. Yeah.

At about the beginning of the Pipichy fiasco, I invited my friend Ginonater on to the site to create probably the most controversial IOTM ever. Yes, THAT one. The one where Apathy (no one) beat an actual user. This began talks about upping the VFF and the creation of Awesome of the Month; neither of which have made it anywhere. Now the IOTM and AOTM are not doing anything, both haven't been updated in weeks and need to get their act together.

VFF is slow, the edits are there but the community seems to be losing it's way. It seems we're all just writing and not being the community that makes long forums about nothing; that has 10 people in IRC at once, the community that puts a picture of BenGay on Ben's page. THAT community.

So, I, T3canolis look at 2009 and ask, "What progress have we made?" Sure we may have gotten a few new users but even the most loyal writers will leave if nothing is going on. If we don't actually try to grow and to start up IOTM again and speed up VFF and VFI maybe we can become bigger than our brother, Uncyclopedia. But if we continue in the direction we're going in. I don't know if Illogicopedia will be here for me to write something like this for 2010. Thanks.

-- T3canolis


  1. Anonymous thinks someone needs to get out more. Some people love Illogicopedia, but it's clear from this that you are actually physically in love with it.

  2. He's not having it! I've already got married to Illogicopedia and consummated the relationship with a banana, so hands off!

  3. gggggggggggGGGGGGalanoth31 December 2009 at 17:43


  4. because in the eyes of the beholder, thou sharn't notable.

  5. Incidentally, I did start to write a 2009 retrospective to go here, but never finished it. You did a great job here anyways dude.