Tuesday 15 December 2009


Oops. I think I hit the randumb page button a few too many times, which got me in trouble with the National Hamster Space Agency. They said I was making too much noise for their hamster math men to complete their application of Complex Square Theory. Apparently they don't appreciate my vaugely guitar-like sounds. As their rocket took off, it ran into some turbulance but managed to get back on track with help from the United Nations Cake and Biscuit Regulation Authority. What would we do without them!?

You may think I'm just mashing my keyboard here and perhaps my brain has a fatal error. And you might be right. Maybe I should just listen to an apocalypse lullabye and go to sleep as my mind fades into Myst. But apparently, Amateur Cosmetic Surgery has been made easy so I will soon be able to start banning people in my sleep!

(Later) In regard to this post, I have received the following interesting piece of email from a fan:

Dear Nerd42,

You asked what we would do without the United Nations Cake and Biscuit Regulation Authority. I believe the answer is that we would eat unregulated cakes and biscuits.

Total Loser.

I sent this response:

Dear Total Loser,

(Later Later) Apparently, this has promtped an official response from the UNCBRA. From their correspondance:

The United Nations Cake and Biscuit Regulation Authority Office
Midtermolen 3.1415926535...
2100 Copenhagen Ø

To: Nerd42

Subject: Mission of the UNCBRA.

Dear Sir,

The mission of the UNCBRA is two-fold and has several additional components. First, we regulate cakes. Secondly, we regulate biscuits. In addition, we regulate cakes and biscuits. If people were allowed to make and eat unregulated cakes and biscuits, they would probably die. Also, unregulated cakes and biscuits create greenhouse gasses that turn people's houses green. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to clarify how we serve the people of the world.

Cake Regulating Guy
President of the United Nations Cake and Biscuit Regulating Authority.
Midtermolen 3.1415926535...
2100 Copenhagen Ø

I'm glad we got that cleared up.


  1. I think I just ate an unregulated biscuit. It tasted like salt.

  2. It tasted like your mum! You suck. Anonymous is all knowing