Wednesday 2 December 2009

Illogimusic Album in the works

And now for some post completely different...

Right. Mainly for the fun of it, I am currently planning on compiling all the audio files I can find on Illogicopedia to hopefully make a Illogicopeidpedian mini music album (including Illogicasts, independence day uploads and some miscellaneous crap I'll add). This may seem rather pointless, but It's getting rather boring on the streets of lodge so I've decided to actually do something for the first time since Big Brrother.

If you have any titbits (lololololol I said tit) to add to the album just mail me. And hopefully If there's another podcast put together by the time I've finished then it'd be even better. Of course, If you wish your uploads not to be featured use the mail mentioned above. This will be a Illogimusic project so it'd be great to get some co-operation with other peeps.

I plan to release it (getting professional here) by January - March, but I'll hang on If another Illogicast is being produced.

The Illogicopedian Album (working title) will be completely free, just a simple zip file held on rapidshare or something.


  1. Title ideas:

    *-"Now That's What I Call Absolute Shit" (parody of "Now That's What I Call Music")
    -"No one Ever Told us We Needed Talent!"
    -"Why the hell not?"
    *-"May cause AIDS" (you can insert any disease)
    -"Disturbing to Small Children"

    My two faves are asterisked.

    T3 out.

  2. I think an illogicopedia album ought to be ... an album. You know, music only? whereas the illogicopedia audio book could be another thing entirely.

    I definitely need to contribute something to this

  3. Tidbit equals emerican fail anon does not approve

  4. T3canolis (I'd give a URL but you know my fuckin' page)23 December 2009 at 06:46

    I also think that it should only be funny stuff. I mean who the hell wants to listen to instrumentals. I would upload some funny music (as song-writing is my only talent) but I'm embarrassed to upload anything with my 13 year old voice.