Saturday 27 March 2010

Roberto: A Mystery

His name is Roberto and he has come for our servers. Many questions have arisen about this strange entity, including "Why is he coming after us?" and "What did we do to deserve this?" But, in reality, none of those are important.

The more important question we are facing is not related as to why Roberto has infected us, but as to who he actually is. The most important question: Who is this Roberto?

There have been several theories. An alien. A hacker. A rogue wikia worker with a mindset of conquering all wikis. It could be any of these. Hell, it could even be Nerd42, whom most of us believe has slipped well into the boundaries of insanity.

So let's look at the evidence. Roberto first struck on Illogicopedia. This would lead us to believe that it's a possible enemy of our precious wiki. First guess? Uncyclopedia. But we soon realized that the best chance they had at infiltrating our wiki may have been through Sannse, but we she do such a thing? She works with wikia, and we're long gone from their evil, conspiring grasp. This could lead us to believe that it may have been the biggest, baddest of them all: Wikipedia. They may have hit us because they know we are their biggest threat.

However, a similar problem hit Wikipedia itself, ruling them out of the equation. Or does it? This might just be a cover up to make it not look like they did it. There is no conclusive evidence to say that they didn't start this whole commotion, anyway.

And lastly, we have Nerd. As recent posts and edits show, his mind clearly isn't working correctly. He probably found Carlb and took over his job just to screw over his own wiki.

So, who is Roberto? As Tootsie Pops would tell us, we may never know.


  1. I can't image that this maffioso can cause so many problems. We should contact his boss (pater familias)?