Tuesday 30 March 2010

Thinks of the Week

Yessiree, it's time for me (RMS) to give this ol' "Thoughts o' the Week" thing a shot (cover your eyes).
  • IOTM is awfully chunky this month. We've got a nom that's been crossed out, a certain user nominated for the elleventy squillionth time, and a rouge Eggs Benedict Blade
  • This Roberto chap is giving me the shivers. It took me some fifty attempts to just save a page at one point. By that time, though, I had already been distracted by a conveniently placed pinned butterfly collection. When I noticed the page had actually been saved, it was already deleted by an admin. *Sigh*
  • Linux is pretty cool.  If you don't use it or have never tried, I recommend that you do. It's clean, simple, and you can download Ubunutu from Wubi.com
  • Spring Break isn't so springy. In fact, it's much the opposite. Instead of springing around, everything is sort of just sinking into the couch. Or at least I am. Anyway, the only things I've done that's required moving is going to get a bag of chips out of the pantry. Hell, I haven't even needed to move to take a dump!  

So, in a swift move, I'll soon be out of this blogging world, since my thoughts are nearly wrapped up. I'd stay longer, but I have a baseball game to be going to, so RMS... AWAY! /puts on cape and attempts to fly by jumping off cliff


  1. Worse still, Blogger failed to work for most of the afternoon, and wouldn't accept images when I tried to upload em yesterday.

    Yeah, Spring Break is great for the Illogiblog, ain't it?

  2. Wubi sux. Not because there's anything wrong with the basic idea of a Windows installer for linux but simply because of it's many bugs