Tuesday 13 April 2010

The end of an era

Oh dear. We hath gone bust.

On ThotMarket, the marketplace of Ideas, Illogicopedia (trading under the name ILLOGIA) has been de-listed, meaning we no longer exist as a 'thot' on the site. Due to lack of investment, despite my various pimping on both the blog and the actual site. It seems that we screwed up. This is a sad day for Illogia - the bank once freely flowing has now dried up in a instant. At our best we had 9 shareholders and a financial status which outshone ED (also De-listed).

I will be in the process of making a new Thot for our site, but it will need support from you guys (which means make a frckin' account) and a Roman Abramovich of teh virtual world to latch on.

By the way the sidebar on the right there displays the final status before the collapse of the thot. Awwww bless.

ThotMarket is a website which simulates the global stock market, using websites instead of listed companies. You do not need to know anything much about business and whatnot in real life, just basically know what money is. The site DOES NOT use real money, instead you gain virtual credits from investing wisely and eventually with a bit of luck end up on the fabled 'Thot 30'. The site does not cost you a penny.


  1. I think no one cares about Thotmarket. No offense, sorry, but it's more like they're trying to bank of OUR popularity than the other way around.

    I go by the rule of thumb that any site that charges you imaginary currency for basic communication functions between accounts is fundamentally a waste of time.

  2. Nerd, we need thotmarket more than thotmarket needs us. Our site needs advertisement and this is a free and easy way to do it.

  3. :'-( 'tis truly a sad day. My attempts to resuscitate the thing were useless.

    Oh well, as Nerd said, WHO NEEDS EM? Freaking capitalists.