Friday 23 April 2010

Illogicopedia Goes 'Roberto' with Times New Roman

Whoa, now instead of disabling access to the website, Roberto has hacked the whole layout, too! The new release of the long awaited 'Roberto' skin includes:

  • Times New Roman default font
  • Navigation side bar moved inconveniently below all of the content
  • Inability to show thumbs around images
  • Lack of text wrapping around images
  • And much much more!

With this in mind, we should all switch immediately! I mean, the benefits are unlimited!

Well actually, they're not, but we'll just say they are to please the Roberto to prevent any further treachery to the site. Captain RMS McSuper, away!


  1. I'm gonna get Carl to rename that plain text skin to 'Roberto'.

  2. blah, i prefer oxygen on KDE to whatever ubunutu sticks onto it.