Thursday 1 April 2010

Beating the Wikipedes at their own game

Good morning everyone. I trust you are all enjoying your Spring Break/Easter hols so far -- that's if you aren't at work or something. If so, the festivities (?) will probably begin for you tomorrow with the traditional drunken Good Friday Blowout, which Illogicopedia will be taking part in! Kind of. Actually, not at all.

Anyhow, on Monday I mentioned Wikipedia will be introducing their new Vector skin later this week. Well, since that time, Carlb -- that's our friendly server owner (nothing to do with Roberto, you understand) -- has contacted me with some news that might be of interest to readers/editors of Illogicopedia. That's you, incidentally.

Carl has very kindly taken the time to install a special plugin on the Vector software that, well, is just plain awesome. So awesome, in fact, we'll be rolling it out before you can say 'bumper spaghetti harvest'. YAH! We're gonna beat the Wikipedes at their own game for a change, and how! Features included in the new Vector 2.0 skin:
  • Userpage Popup Facebook-style status boxes updated in real time
  • 'Who's Online' facility for Recent Changes stalkers
  • Twitter compatibility so all your tweets appear on Recent Changes should you wish them to (although I dunno why you wouldn't...)
  • Skype extensions so you can not only type stuff on peoples' userpages, but actually engage in verbal conversation as well
  • User blogs (beta) closely tied in with the forum to provide an all-round better collaborative feel to the wiki
... Plus a whole load more! Full details are outlined in this special video blog starring an old friend who's rapidly becoming something of a celebrity on Illogicopedia. Be sure to watch all the way to the end so you know what's going on before the new skin comes into effect.



  2. I'm not trying to be mean but what's been up with the servers?

  3. Well holy bucket of half-baled orange road cones.

    Nobody told me all that fancy crap n' stuff was coming with this Vector thing! Hell, I'll use it now, even if it is ugly and I don't like the look. Question: Can we keep all of those new features, but keep the classic look when this is all said and done? Fork me a message on my talk page on the wiki or something.

  4. I'm so glad all this is coming. I'm totally serious about all of this.

  5. T3, I don't think anybody really knows what's up with the servers. :(