Friday 2 April 2010

An apology

Illogiblog would like to formally apologise for yesterday's poor quality April Fools' stunt. I very much doubt if anyone at all was fooled, not least because the Illogicopedia main page fake error message wasn't too convincing. Well, it could have been, but a certain person couldn't be bothered hacking into the ?pedia mainframe ('twas behind seven proxies) to make the 'Illogicopedia scheduled maintenance' message appear without all the sidebar links 'n' stuff.

Nevertheless, at least it was better than nothing which, incidentally, is what Uncyclopedia did. That's right, they didn't bother to have an April Fools' front page prank this year! As usual, I blame the recession. No, wait...

If anyone was fooled by our little Roberto Roll, then congratulations, you've won absolutely nothing! Meanwhile, the real Roberto (heheh) continues to wreak havoc upon the Illogicopedia servers. As for his motives, who the heck knows? Whether he's just a washed out old homeless guy using the ?pedia server as shelter, we can only speculate.

Oh, and as an extra treat, we've included a 'TEXTp' version of the Roberto Roll in the head of this post, courtesy of YouTube and their top quality 1st April jape.

1 comment:

  1. The site served a real roberto error while i was trying to edit, as opposed to the rehash. You should have got on skype/irc and we could have made it more convincing like last time.