Friday 2 April 2010

Writing a blog post, for the sake of writing a blog post

Because write. That's why.

I do hope everyone's broken springs aren't causing too many mechanical problems. I did break springs in a Very Important Clock and it did stop ticking. Oh yes it most certainly did!

Our servers are SRSLY skewered. Like, OKOK, hwere is my theory of who Roberto is. I think he is a Zombie Clown. By which I mean, a clown. With the white face paint and obligatory red rubber honky nose. But turned into zombie ala George Romero. (with maybe some John Romero in there as well) Yes.

With that said, I believe we did winned the April Wiseman's Competition Of The Vaugely Funny Related Wikis this year.

Now as to the addressing of my own reportedly unstable mental condition: HONK HONK HONK I AM A CAR GET OUT OF THE WAY I AM A CAR I NEED ROAD GET OUT OF THE ROAD CHILDRENS I AM A CAR I NEED DRIVE

and NOW I HAS A BLOG TOO ok enough shameless plug.


  1. Don't mind plugging your own blog, I encourage posters to do so. Seppy don't like it tho', not one bit, nuh-uh. Screw him, tho'! :P

  2. like I did your mum. WHAYO

  3. draws a pistol to shoot the panto horse