Sunday 28 November 2010

Car For Sale

1992 Peugeot 105. Black, used to be white. Had a registration at one point, license plate lost on weekend drive (on seabed).

Miles on clock: Unknown, the thing stopped working three years ago.

Details: One careful owner (Jeremy Clarkson). Only ever been in one accident (crushed by piano). Bodywork still intact (just about), wheels sometimes turn when forced. Small cigarette burn on carpet and slight sunroof damage but nothing unrepairable with a bit of sellotape.

Price: One packet of Maltesers O.N.O. Will accept PayPal or Minstrels.

Phone Alf Hart on 80081355 for more info or to purchase. Call today and quote whatthehellivejustbeenbloodyscammedagainmaureen to redeem steering wheel. Must utter whole word within one second and without stopping for air.

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