Tuesday 30 November 2010

Uncle Pete turns into crappy inside humorous website

“Oh I'm extremely gay.”
~ ChiefjusticeDS

Oh lord. Uncyclopedia featured an article about a USER? Wohooo, now my respect for that site took a deep dive, like the temperature did last days. Although I've always known that he's gay, I've just been shocked by the fact that Uncyclopedia ruined its prestige completely. Who the fuck cares about a depressed, über-frustrated, insignificant gay administrator? Dunno if even ED does such horrible things like that.

I'm citing:

"This justice, however, is precisely the problem. People do not like to conform, certainly not to the standards of what they perceive as 'others'. Entering a new environment, an individual will immediately apply its own preconceptions of what is 'good' and 'bad', subconsciously judging it for whatever is visible past the lens of these hamsters. He kills the hamsters, all of them, and so it will catalyse conflict, and due to his tendency to deal primarily with unregistered users and other newcomers, ChiefjusticeDS is invariably connected these conflicts; he will be both the one to begin them and the one to end them, and so he is hated, deplored, despised. Deleting articles, reverting vandals and banning users, this administrator, more than any other, has already attracted the worst sort of retribution and disdain from those with whom he interacts.

And you know what? He fully deserves it. Fuck him, I say.

Fuck ChiefjusticeDS. He is a horrible, terrible administrator. He is also gay and he smells bad, and to top it all off, he killed my hamster.

He killed my hamster."

Another t'ing: all information given on that page is true. Truth is not to be accepted on Uncyclopedia, or is it?


  1. That article was an accident, I swear.

  2. Aw man, now I'm gonna have to go to Uncle Pete just to see what's going on. Grumble.

  3. Also, thinking about it, haven't we featured an article about Seppy at some point? Uncyc is becoming Illogico!