Tuesday 27 December 2011

Mitt Romney: The Inevitable

Willard Mitt "Danger" Romney is a guy we don't hear about too often, because he's doesn't quote Pokemon movies and doesn't share a name with a reptile. However, he is deeply disliked by many people, including Mitt Romney. Yes, that's right. Romney loathes himself, partly due to the poor job his wife did dying his hair. If Herman Cain is Black Walnut, Romney must be plain vanilla. Seriously. Dang it!

So, yeah, this guy makes Barney look like a Grand Theft Auto thug.

This is probably breaking my contract, since I'm writing something about this, but I can't come up with better material.
"Isn't his hair sooooooooooooooo dreamy"? -- My mother


  1. I am sad Herman Cain is gone. He would have been a great idiot to have as President! But now we're going to get another idiot, probably one who doesn't realize he's an idiot, which was a major advantage of choosing Herman Cain. (he was an idiot who knew he was an idiot - Socratic ignorance, see!)

  2. His hair is pretty slick, I'll give you (or your mother) that one at the very least.