Wednesday 7 December 2011

Top ten vandal names of 2011

Oh look, it's a car, and it drives! Probably.

Well, would you look at that?
Before we've had time to even start watching the DVD release of CSI: Slough Season One --let alone move on to the director commentaries--, 2011 is almost over and the fabled End of Times one year closer. But don't despair, for the Illogiblog is here to brighten up your day with its annual look back upon the events of the previous twelve months of madness at the Nonsensical Encyclopedia. We're sure you'll enjoy 2011: A Retrospective. That is, if you are a fan of snarky cynicism and ham-fisted attempts at 'humour' (pah, that Harry Yack bloke can't even create hyoomer).

Enough barrel-scraping self deprecation, for first up we have some vandals to name an' shame.
  1. Aleksandr Lukashenko - comedy account given a comedy ban (for a 'lack of decorum', no less), perhaps the most creative of all time, on January 8.
  2. Pablo - Roberto's Spanish cousin, perhaps?
  3. He woo cannot be Usernamed - Aww, why do the vandals have to pinch all the best usernames?
  4. TWELTH - a self-proclaimed Satanist and all-round rotter, he once gave Athyria a wet willie. Unsurprisingly, he was banned forever.
  5. PAGE MOVE VANDUL - possibly a sock of the above, a man with so much time on his hands that he felt the need to vandalise a crummy old Uncle Pete spinoff with less than ten regulars. Next time he shall think twice before defacing Encyclopedia Dramatica...
  6. ACarThatDrives - my own personal pick of the bunch. Name taken from actual conversation overheard on dealership forecourt: "I would like a car that drives, please."
  7. TheWindows2000Guy - not necessarily a bad guy, as (s)he actually created a couple of good faith articles. Indeed, they were unblocked soon after the initial ban. But just who is the Windows 2000 guy? Microsoft Sam?
  8. Wango - cousin of the Wonga bloke and namesake of a popular Milton Bradley board game.
  9. Potato - presumed sockpuppet of the above and Uncyclopedia freedom fighter. Well, from his name I guess he was sent from Uncle Pete to destroy the banana.
  10. Hellsmasher83 - creator of a spam article that actually survived, which automatically places him above the reams of generic spammers such as DavidJerez1847 and the like. Spambot programmers need to read a jokebook.
More block log related fun can be experienced at ban summary central, which documents some of the best one-liners ever to have graced the pages of Illogicopedia. All your favourite admins are included, and some of your least favourite as well.

Oh yeah, and if you're experiencing deja vu, this is probably why.


  1. Not a bad year for amusing vandal names then!

    My favourites are 'TWELTH', which has a strangely apocalyptic ring to it, and 'Pablo', which sounds suspiciously like a mafia agent sent to vandalise Illogicopedia as a distraction for something far more nefarious going on at the same time...

    Maybe i'm reading too deep into this.

  2. To be honest, I started the 'reading too deeply' ball rolling by creating this article, so feel free to analyse such subjects to the Nth degree!