Thursday 7 August 2008

Illogi Classics - #16, Why Cheese isnt funneh

The latest in the series celebrating some of the unsung Illogicopedia classic articles.

Illogicopedia has many rants disguised as nonsense, but that's OK because they're completely nuts. One such example is the anti-cheese article "Why Cheese Isn't Funneh". Not just a reflection of the over-use of cheese references on Illogicopedia (See category:cheese) but the world in general: cheese automatically gets laughs for some reason.

This particular article is one of a series of anti-cheese writings on Illogic but it was the first and, some say the best despite the overlying twinge of vanity. But we will overlook this as it's actually quite humorous, and it seems that cheese is indeed "funny", even if it isn't "funneh".

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