Monday 25 August 2008

The WikiHowl blog

WikiHowl has, in the last few weeks, launched its blog:

A glimpse into the backroom at wikiHowl. Learn everything you always wanted to know about this erstwhile collection of hilarious how-tos. How does wikiHowl relate to wikiHow? How is it put together, what is coming next? There are MILLIONS of wikiHow readers worldwide, but now YOU and the other wikiHowl fan (if he isn't busy) can get in on the behind-the-scenes secrets of wikiHowl, the How-to Manual YOU (and that other fan) Can Laugh At.

It's more of a straight-laced blog than Illogic, we tend to be either serious or insane, rarely in between. In the last couple of days the Illogicopedia has featured on the blog, so a big shout out to Dave and everyone involved.

Go check it out.

The German dude? Ignore him, he stays in that position in the corner of Argos 24-7.

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