Tuesday 19 August 2008

Stuff/nothing happens!

Well, after a month of feverish activity relating to the move away from Wikia, it seems the furore has died down. If the cash were to be made available then the powers that be might revitalise the Illogilution and send us to our own servers. But in summary, there ain't much dunkin' goin on n'longer.

The pickle is yet to be decided but when it is you will (tons of nose) certainly hear about it here and on the wiki. In related news, the forum is dying a horrible death. Seppster puts it down to the Pickle judging so maybe things will pick up when the judges get off their buttocks and do something about it.

There are also rumbles amongst the League of Administrators that a new administrator may be needed to cover the 12:00AM-12PM UTC timeslot - someone in America or Australia. Who knows, maybe this will also breathe new life into the wiki?

For now, I will try and scrape some more jam from the bottom of my Duncan Doughnuts bag. Good efternevenoon.

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