Sunday 31 August 2008

Illogi Classics - #17, The gnomes plotting your death

Classic articles that never quite achieved featured status.

The gnomes plotting your death

An article that originated at the Editthis wiki,"The gnomes plotting your death" warns of evil beings that live in your garden. Many of us suspected they were in fact impostors plotting the downfall of mankind, this article reaffirms that belief.

And trust me, they are out there - I know from personal experience the harm they can cause. Whilst normally gnomes are sedate creatures happy to fish for flies in your garden pond, once a year, around Farbleum, when the moon is 34% full (3 weeks until next full moon), strange rumblings occur in the long grass. Be sure to lock the windows and doors, for these gnomes will surely eat your children!
But we never wanted to hurt anyone! -- Gnome plotting your death
Don't listen to em! They'll steal your sonks, I tells ya.

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