Friday 30 January 2009

?Pedia financial report

Hi, it's me again! I've come to talk about Thotmarket, the free web stock exchange. Or In their own words:

'' is a social bookmarking website that provides links to interesting and useful content on the web. The links featured on ThotMarket have all been submitted by our users much like many other websites like and ThotMarket is a little different than those sites, however, in the way that these links are ranked. On this site, users buy and sell shares in these links very much like how investors trade shares of companies on the regular stock market. Links on the site are ranked by their market capitalization which is a measure of how money people have invested in it.''

Illogicopedia/ILLOGIA is on the site, and is doing... fairly well. Despite being up by 0.25 every day it has made some progress. We have a little box down the bottom of our blog menu, if you've ever wondered. It has 8 shareholders (including me) and I have recently bought a lot of shares! I own my own one as well, for My Yahoo!, my helpful start page. Anyways, Illogicopedia hasn't been hit by teh crebit cwunchh...

Join today and put Illogicopedia where it belongs in thotmarket - anywhere relativley near first place!


  1. Yeah, I have some stocks in ILLOGIA. Glad to see we have eight shareholders!

  2. hey, nice site! i'm kinda a newbie in this blogging stuff so i'll appreciate it if you drop by my site and/or leave a comment. i really enjoyed reading your posts. ;-)

    i can also have your blog URL linked to my site is you want so to increase your blog traffic.

    thanks! keep it up!

  3. thotmarket shows the change based on your cookies, if you have no cookie, it assumes an abosolute, so it would show up 25 cents all the time if you clear your cookies.

  4. Hey, cool... Illogiblog has a new address!

  5. Yeah, i set that up a while ago, i just never ticked the right box in the blog settings. I was waiting for the internet dns to catch up, but forgot about it.