Tuesday 6 January 2009

2008: A Retrospective - New Monacle

Mid-2007, Illogicopedia announced its partnership with Wikia, but not without plenty of persuading. In the infant stages of its life, Illogicopedia languished at Editthis and soon became ready to go independent. In fact, the move was days away from happening - the new wiki was set up and ready to go at a free web host. It was at the last minute, though, that Wikia changed their minds and (reluctantly) accepted the Illogicopedian community into their lion's den.

And lion's den it proved to be: the relationship between Illogic and Wikia was amicable. That is, until June 2008 when Wikia, without any regard for the community's opinion whatsoever, forced their Web 2.0 skin New Monaco upon the unsuspecting citizens of Wikialand. At the time of writing, Illogicopedia is currently on the Monobook skin by default but very soon it too shall be forced into the commercialised catastrophe that is New Monaco.

Of course we know Wikia is at the hands of evil advertising merchants who will stop at nothing to milk us for every penny, especially the case with the so called credit crunch of late '08. As such, we do not blame Wikia for this move, the staff are generally good-natured, if a little bit impersonal and robotic in their replies sometimes. In fact it is rumoured R2D2 works for Wikia....

But I digress.

Needless to say, the incident sparked outrage amongst the community with many users, including Asema, refusing to edit further until the matter was resolved. Compromise was sought by first asking Wikia if Illogicopedia could simply adopt the Uncyclopedia skin, to no avail. After the administrators repeatedly reiterated that New Monaco is not right for Illogicopedia, the discussion as to whether to go independent raised its head once more.

It was decided that Illogicopedia should move, but lack of funding and problems porting the wiki stalled it. Illogicopedia remained with Wikia until November, when alternative hosting was offered. Now, we are free.


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