Wednesday 21 January 2009

Trees are the evil commie dictators now

Lol. Dictators. Dictaters! Potatovich Stalin! Potato Stalin? Potato stealin'? Mr potato stalin? Mango mango mango mango mango. Mangoe! LOL. Hi. I am making a post inorder to make a post. Also inorder is not a word.

Random Russian section:

Hellovich. Ivich amov anov Russianovich. Lookovich howovich Ivich talkov. Aren'tov Ivich retardedov. Alsoovich, vodkavich

Its your money, you paid for it!!

Hebrew goes here
Who knew text could be right-wing???

now for the other section:

Looketh atteth meeth, Ieth ameth aneth retardedeth oldeth englisheth personeth whoeth speakseth thateth languageth everyoneeth makeseth funeth ofeth becauseth ofeth itseth ethseth. Loleth.


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