Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Trees are the evil commie dictators now

Lol. Dictators. Dictaters! Potatovich Stalin! Potato Stalin? Potato stealin'? Mr potato stalin? Mango mango mango mango mango. Mangoe! LOL. Hi. I am making a post inorder to make a post. Also inorder is not a word.

Random Russian section:

Hellovich. Ivich amov anov Russianovich. Lookovich howovich Ivich talkov. Aren'tov Ivich retardedov. Alsoovich, vodkavich

Its your money, you paid for it!!

Hebrew goes here
Who knew text could be right-wing???

now for the other section:

Looketh atteth meeth, Ieth ameth aneth retardedeth oldeth englisheth personeth whoeth speakseth thateth languageth everyoneeth makeseth funeth ofeth becauseth ofeth itseth ethseth. Loleth.


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