Friday 9 January 2009

Thoughts ert' week (Jan 9) - Eeblesonk, fonk!

Gooooood day sir. I'm ringing to confirm that I currently have a code id ba dose and ah cahn't come to work. Well, OK, I'm on a wikibreak really so that's why I ain't around at the moment. I'll answer messages on my talkpage when I return but you can email me if you really need to contact me.

This week's thoughts:
  • Well, I hope you had a good festive/New Year period and haven't overdosed on turkey. Personally I'm sick of Christmas, so it's a bloomin' good job it's over.
  • Illogic's traffic rank has stabilised somewhat recently, and I attempted to increase ?blogs traffic share by signing up to EntreCard. To all EntreCard visitors, hi! I'm not actively "dropping" right now so be patient.
  • Hope you're enjoying the 2008 Retrospective. I actually wrote a bunch of articles in one afternoon in November and decided to lump them together as a Retrospective at the end of the year. Illogibloggers are free to participate should they so wish.
  • NSFW language!!! >>> Visit the Gof***yourself website. It's a fun link to send to your friends (or, more accurately, enemies).
Right. I will return triumphantly in the future, but for now, wear clean pants, and don't eat cheese before you go to bed. Yo.

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