Sunday 25 January 2009

A not-so-formal invitation

... or, in other words, a blatant piece of whoring.

I would like to invite all members of Illogicopedia to Wikipedia Week at my Retro Yakking blog. As usual, it's going to be run in conjunction with Illogiblog, and if I get the time I will be posting tasters for relevant articles right here on the Illogiblog. Course, I would have just copy pasted them here, but apparently the powers that be (the dudes hosting my blog) don't like that very much.

So, bookmark Retro Yakking, or just stop by my userpage to read some tasters. Oh yeah, and don't worry - there'll be plenty of Illogicopedia whoring to bring our favourite Surreal Encyclopedia some visitors.

Also, I certainly hope you've all been keeping Illogic neat and tidy in my extended wikibreak, because I can't be bothered dusting around when I get back, OK? :D

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