Wednesday 15 July 2009

Jacko is dead. Long live the King

So, apparently Michael Jackson is dead. Well, I have been living on the Moon for the last couple of weeks, so I was not aware of this...

Anyway, Illogiblog felt it ought to pay tribute to the Jackster, so we now present for your enjoyment a video of MJ's 'Beat It' with a selection of tastier lyrics. Chamone!


  1. I almost punched a hole in the wall when I looked on Yahoo! and it said he only had a heart attack because someone told me he was dead. I'm evil/awesome so don't hate me.

    What goes around comes around Moe Lester!

  2. He's about as much as a molester as your dad

  3. Now, now. We all know he was innocent as ratified by a court of law.

    Besides, Moe Lester was the guy in charge of children's TV from 1991-1995.

  4. The anonymous once filled in for Fearne Cotton on Diggin' it

  5. The Anonymous is one lucky boy.