Thursday 30 July 2009

Breaking News: Illogicopedia acquired by Dubai Group

Illogicopedia has been bought by wealthy investors the Dubai Group, owners of the copyrights to Happy Birthday, Mars and the island of Sark.

In the coming months, they shall be drafting in high profile Wikipedia users to lift Illogicopedia 'to the next level' and hope to be competing for the prestigious 'Wiki of the Year' prize by 2010.

Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia and a bunch of other more well-known wikis are quaking in their boots at the thought, and are said to be in talks with their administrators to secure their future at the wiki financially.

This has nothing to do with football.

In other news, a million people died in an unknown event. I am totally not making this up as I go along whilst waiting for Illogicopedia to go back online.


  1. The anonymous wonders what the hell is up with the servers. I bet Testicles has lodged his newbsack in them again

  2. Holy shit thats big beans