Tuesday 19 January 2010

Illogicopedian Obsessions of the Decade

  1. Cheese
  2. Checking Recent Changes every thirty seconds
  3. Epics. Overrated term of the decade?
  4. Getting everyone on IRC at the same time
  5. Gold stars (less so in the last couple of years)
  6. Listing every single article you've ever created
  7. The Duck Clan
  8. Aping/copying/obsessing over Uncyclopedia/Encyclopedia Dramatica
  9. Goats
  10. Waiting for admins to judge Illogic Pickles
  11. Fixing votes at VFF
  12. New Monaco
  13. Refreshing the old Proboards forum whilst waiting for Editthis Illogic to load
  14. Taking the pee out of Wikia
  15. Achieving admin status (status, what status?)
  16. Bcbkye
  17. Super Japan vs. Subbuteo
  18. Hitler/Nazis (of course)
  19. Getting as many features as possible
  20. Illogicopedia:About

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