Wednesday 6 January 2010

A new decade

Welcome, Illogicopedians! It seems you have all survived to see the tenties, so well done on staying alive through brain-frying mobile phones, the rise of the Internet, the X Factor, Simon Cowell, hoodies, XBOXes and a bunch of other variously disgusting and delightful things.

Unfortunately, the 2010s are set to be even worse, with sanctimonious television personalities and overpaid sportspeople set to have their stint in the limelight in the carousel known as fame.

Illogicopedia is now entering its fourth year in existence (has it really been that long?) and is still going strong with the same core userbase it had in early 2009, plus a few valiant and dependable hangers-on.

We really ought to start up a recruitment drive to push Illogicopedia through this new and exciting age, but no doubt we won't be too bothered and continue along much the same path as we are travelling. And guess what? Nobody will care. That's what I love about Illogicopedia: the overriding apathy of the place.

Today's irrelevant image is of the moment when Jeremy Clarkson realised he'd forgotten to log out of the office computer.


  1. anonymous would have changed Clarkson's browser to meatspin.

  2. 2010? Holy shit! I thought it was the roaring twenties!

    Naw but in all seriousness, four years? I've only been on for *does math* about a year and half! I seem unimportant! Well, I knew I would have to go streaking for attention someday. *Sporadically rips off clothes*

    --T3 (signed into his blogger account)


  4. Too late, Nerd, it already did. I literally lost my heart in San Francisco.


  5. Cracker Jack pencil and pen?

  6. Wow, seven pointless comments already! Any more and we'll be rivalling Uncy...