Monday 18 January 2010

Thoughts of the Week (18th Jan 2010)

This picture has no relevance except that I like it.
  • (Independent) Illogicopedia has reached one million views according to this page. Maybe we should do some sort of comedy Jimbo-mocking banner to celebrate - keep your eyes (and bananas) peeled.
  • It's nice to see some activity coming back to Illogicopedia. It seems the collective Illogicopedian communitah was too busy eating turkey and drinking eggnog over the Christmas period, but like a nagging hangover, you know it'll be coming back very soon.
  • I have to thank everyone for keeping the Illogiblog ticking over in my mysterious absence (to be explained away by a tedious extended jobsearch), else it may have keeled over and died. As it is, the blog enters its fourth year still going strong, and it's all thanks to you lot. Yes, even you, Avril Troll.
  • Forget about GoCompare (hate that blasted advert), you can thank your stars that Carlb is such a generous man. I'm gonna personally pick the bloke who's very kindly continuing to donate server space to the Illogicopedia as The Man of 2009, and if anybody disagrees they can mosey on back to Cackypedia. All's I can say is, Waddaguy!
  • Now for a shoutout. Flyingidiot is an absolute legend and deserves a medal or something for his fervent interest in all things Illogicopedian since he first joined. A long and successful career at the wiki lies in wait should he continue in this vein...
  • A random thought... what happened to MathPoet? Has anyone seen the guy recently? I know he was working on his own Paradoxical wiki for a brief period but he's disappeared since. We gots to track him down!
Did You Know... that of Illogicopedia's 375 registered users, exactly 72.4% are vandals, trolls and users that edited once and were never seen again?
I actually just made that up, so don't take it too seriously. However, the number of registered users part is true at the very least.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to this page. Use it for great justice. Seriously though, post your own stuff and it could get VFF nommed by I or whoever just so happens to be passing by. Just do it, it only takes a few seconds of your time, and could get you a feature!


  1. I spoke to him (mathpoet) on facebook a few months back while I was on the train, (captive audiences reach for any means of entertainment other than watching the countryside whip past or get drawn into someone flashing off their mac book air which has xp installed) seems he is doing fine. He was just going out the house, so we didn't get much further.

  2. Nice to hear that, cheers Sepp.

    Wish I could afford a computermabob that worked on a train. All us northnerners are impoverished, you see, so we're about 5 years behind the rest of the world.