Thursday 21 January 2010

To those we have lost - Ze Adminators

Upon reading a certain section of the Illogicopedia Awards of the Decade thread over at the forum, Illogiblog got to thinking just what happened to some of Illogic's early prominent editors. As the years passed, these guys were just forgotten to the litter-filled boating pond of time... until now.


He isn't completely gone, but Asema's most prolific editing days are most probably passed. An instrumental part of Illogicopedia's very early days, he provided input for the prototype front page as well as scribbling out a bunch of articles to get the site off the ground in its first few months.

As one of the first administrators, Asema also played a big part in the fabled Proboards forum (believe me, it's never as good as you remember) at a time when it was widespread consensus that Illogicopedia would take over the world. Fast forward to 2010, and we can safely say that's definitely happened... well, almost.

And we have Asema, in part, to thank for it.

(The Divine) Fluffalizer

An Uncyclopedian 'convert', Fluffalizer hopped on over to the new Illogicopedia project and never really left. In fact, he can still be found stalking recent changes every now and then, surveying he colossus he helped create. That's Illogicopedia.

Course, in those days, he was known as 'The Divine Fluffalizer'. And let's face it: he more than deserves that title, which he presumably dropped out of fears he would seem egotistical. Remember the 'advanced' front page with awesome coding and that? Well, Fluffalizer tweaked that. The VFF engine? He implemented that, though it was originally from Uncyclopedia and proposed by Seppmeister.

It's not just for his technical prowess he is missed. His library (and yes, it literally is a library) of articles covers a variety of topics including Fish Grate Ung, carrots, chairs, mooses and vegetables.

Sadly Fluffy has other things to do these days. He's probably the only administrator with a shred of sanity for ditching this madhouse long ago... though, as I said, he can still be seen every now and then mucking about with the odd minor edit.

~ ~ ~ ~

Don't rule out a big, Elvis-style comeback from either of these individuals. If that happens, we'll be right there to report on it with typical sensationalism.

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  1. don't go dissin blood, proboards was teh awesome.