Thursday 6 August 2009

Illogicopedia mentioned in The Telegraph's 'Five of the Best'

Well, it's not often Illogicopedia is rated as one of the best at anything, but it seems at least one person out there in mainstream media land has heard of us.

Illogicopedia was mentioned by blogsadmin in his section 'Five of the Best' on 9th March, but apparently everyone in the world failed to spot it. Note to admin types - we need access to visitor logs so we can track this stuff.

The quote in full:
According to the site’s own description, this Wikipedia-alike is the “non-sensical encyclopedia anyone can mess up”.
Anyhow, everyone give yourself a whopping great pat on the back for making Illogicopedia slightly more interesting than Twitter. Yehee!


  1. Awesome, finally the fact we rock is being proclaimed from the rooftops. Or the equivalent of a shy barely audible person mumbling it somewhere in the middle of a desert, but all publicity is good publicity.

    Unless it's really really bad publicity. We rock.

    Also, I'm Testostereich.

  2. w00t!

    I feel special, warm yet fuzzy at the same time.

    Like I'm wrapped up in a blanket of warmth and lovingness.

    Oooo... It's so comfy. Anyone want to join me? Testicles? There's room for more.

    --The One; the Only T3canolis