Monday 12 September 2011

A Chicken in need, is a Magnate in deed

This Editor's spotlight shines like a MASER upon the most notorious of our chicken-banana related love stories and self-proclaimed banana-storage Ouroboros.  This dude is sure to sneak up on your article, give is a perusal and tell you why you're nose is the Cheez Whiz. 

Not old enough to have a father that smelled of elderberry, this plucky fellow has the chicken parts in his bosom to pursue a righteous path of Illogic.  By now you know we speak of Colonel Sanders.  Supreme Overlord over yonder, at Simple English Uncyclopedia the ovine crenulator endeavors to smear the planet with the raw craziness that hamstrings his career as a goal tender for Australian Rules Jousting.

Most notable among this avian miscreant's attributes is his superior skills at crushing babies.  Never has the world of competitive baby crushing seen such a cut, regal yet slimy champion, a record breaker among giants in the field.  Please join us on Setemper 9J at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium at the first annual world Class Baby Crushing event, where this fine young man will represent us.


  1. Wings in the air for the illustrious poultry baron. Cluck cluck, buckauwk!