Friday 9 September 2011

What to do, when you don't know if it's actually a bot

When my email comes in from Anonymous on this blog, I like to file it without reading until such time as I am in the proper frame of mind to savor such dreck.  This particular one, from a fellow named Andreas Rotea, made me wonder, though.  Does any blog rate for this sort of treatment? 

So, I went to check this fellow's site out.  Wowsers!  Andreas could help me  do something I can do myself for low costs.  Inspired, I read everything he had to say. 
I am right here to help get your website off to a great commence. Do not be one of those that wished that they had completed it much better the very first time, then take on the task, and price, of starting above. Your site reflects that which you as well as your organization or pastime are all about.

I'm in a position to provide low-cost, user-friendly, custom made developed internet sites for any broad array of organizations, organizations and teams.Additionally, it shouldn't expense a lot of money to get you began. I'll support guide you by way of the method as well as warn you when i think you may be finding in more than your head, or beyond your spending budget.

Listed here are some hight quality companies for a resonable cost:

Front-End Development
Custom web site design
Affordable web site design
E-Commerce website design
Corporate Website Design
Innovative website design
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Website maintenance
Web site re-designs
SEO Services
Logo Design

Please look around the site for further information about the [url=]web designer[/url] services that I am able to offer and to see examples of websites that I have designed
Where do I sign up?!?!  Jesus, there are a million tools on the internet designed to facilitate the distribution of drivel in droves.  Why do I need Andreas? By the way, I didn't use his real name.  Looking at his pidgin web site, he struck me as stupid, self-important and litigious.

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