Monday 13 October 2008

This week's splash of Toilet Water

Hey folks, it's me, Ragglefraggleking! And it's time for your weekly dose of Bathroom Genie!

OK, let's review a batch of dandy websites:

And that's it for the dandy websites section. Now let's interview our special guest, CHEWBACCA!

RFK:So, Chewie! What's up?

Chewbacca:Rrroar Grrl Grarln!

RFK:Cool! What color was it?

Chewbacca:Grr Argralr!

RFK:Ok, so what's up with the hair? It's kinda weird.

Chewbacca: Rarrww! Grrreeewwwlllrr! Gerrr!

RFK:Oh, crap, I'm sorry!

Chewbacca:*Rips RFK's arms off*RRRG!

RFK:So that's all for our interview! I need to go get surgery!

Now let's wrap this up wit, QUOTE OF 'DA WEEK!

"Old Mcdonal had a farm eieiooo!"

OK folks, this is Ragglefraggleking singing out!

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